Where and how to get a job with a degree in sociology and psychology in Kenya



Sociology and psychology is a popular course offered by at least half of universities in Kenya. Getting a job in this career is often difficult because of the high competition experienced in the job market. There are, however, several ways of making yourself marketable and fit in any office.

The first thing to do the moment you join college is to define your future by narrowing down the line of specialization to a minimum two. There are over 10 career choices to choose from when studying sociology. You can be a market analyst, sociologist, human resource officer, public relations officer, counsellor, customer service executive, accountant or a marketer.

Since jobs for sociologists are limited in Kenya, the best thing to do is pursue an additional course. I suggest you pursue either CPA or ACCA if you intend to be an accountant. Learn statistical packages like SPSS, STATA and R if you want to be a market analyst or researcher. Study a professional certificate in monitoring and evaluation or project management if you intend to work in the field or oversee projects.

Certified Secretary professional course, offered by Kasneb, will enable you become a customer care executive, human resource officer or public relations officer. Apart from studying the course, you can also register with professional bodies like the Institute of Human Resources Management, which is a recognized body for human resource professionals.

There are several advantages of registering with a professional body. One of them is gaining recognition that you are serious in what you do-your career. The bodies also update members on new job vacancies, career advice and also offer training from time to time.

Another important step to take is to enroll for masters degree immediately after graduation, then a PhD, which will make it easier for you to lecture at any local university.

Finally, as a sociologist you must understand that very few jobs are available for you. You, therefore, don’t have to be choosy-just take any opportunity that presents itself.



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