These are the Worst Photos and Moments for Raila Odinga.This Man Has Gone through A lot



CORD leader Raila Odinga has experienced more than any other politician in Kenya. He has his worst and best moment, but the worst is what we discuss.

In 1982 he was accused of organizing a coup to dethrone former President Moi.During that moment,Raila faced the worst times-he has even documented that in his book.

Below is a photo showing Raila being taken to court under tight security.

raila coup

Raila wears torn shoe

In 2015 Raila was spotted wearing a torn shoe at a church function.Heat was directed to his wife,Ida Odinga,for neglecting her husband.See photo of the shoe.

raila torn shoeRaila Cries after losing elections

In 207 Raila was prepared to take over from Mwai Kibaki.Even Ida had told the late Lucy to clean state house,but things turned worse when the following morning the late Kivuitu confirmed that Mwai was in the lead. Raila could not hold his tears,he cried uncontrollably.

Here is the photo

raila cry

Raila Thrown out of Nyeri Hotel

Nyeri business woman threw Raila Odinga out of her hotel.This was in 2007 when it emerged that Raila was to compete with Kibaki for presidency.

The former Prime Minister had booked the hotel for that night but his stay aborted.

raila hotel

Raila falls from a dais

On March 29, 2016,Raila was talking to a crowd in Mombasa and while invoking the name of God,his dias collapsed,leaving him struggling to look for balance.

Here is the photo

raila dias

Fidel Odinga Dead

The most tragic incident happened to Raila on January 4,2015 when his eldest son,Fidel died after a night out.

Fidel was the one running most of Raila’s businesses,and was expected to contest for Kibera parliamentary seat.

Until now,his death is mysterious.