Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Educuation, Special Needs Education, which is the best course to study in Kenya



Before you graduate to become a job seeker in Kenya, you won’t realize that the three courses (ECE, Bachelor of Education and Special Needs Education) have very huge differences in terms of marketability, employment opportunities and salaries. We now take you through the three courses to determine which is ideal for you.

Bachelor of education, whether science or arts, is among the most flooded courses in Kenya and one of the most useless when it comes to salaries and renumeration.It is a miracle for a primary school teacher to earn more than Ksh 50,000 while heaven will open if a high school teacher earns more than Ksh 200, 000, unless he is a Chief Principal at Starehe Boys Centre

Bachelor of education has a salary ceiling, implying that you won’t earn beyond what the government feels you should earn.If a degree course has a salary ceiling, that’s a useless course.

It takes a graduate at least 4 years to secure employment by the government of Kenya, before then, that person would be earning Ksh 4,000-Ksh10, 000  as a BOG/PTA teacher. Those 4 years, someone who pursued CPA is a chief accountant earning Ksh 300,000.

Bachelor of special needs education is so far the best specialization under education category. Besides being employed by government institutions, you can secure employment with well paying NGOs and international schools. For your information, international schools pay as high as Ksh400, 000 while the salary of NGOs is at least Ksh 70,000

Another area you can secure employment include children’s homes, hospitals and mental homes.

If you are not ready to be employed, you can set up your own special needs school.

Early childhood education provides numerous opportunities for graduates. International schools like Brookhouse, Peponi School, Hillcrest and St Andrews Turi always seek the services of these graduates. There are also numerous opportunities in NGOs and special needs schools in Kenya.

But what I can advise you, employment is not always the best-there is a lot of money in business. If you manage to pursue early childhood education, you have a wonderful opportunity to start a day care and preparatory school, this is where money is.