Secrets of winning up to Ksh 1 million in Sportpesa multibet



Sportpesa multibet is a sure way of winning up to Ksh 1 million by placing betting with just Ksh 100.Many people who have discovered the secret of winning every bet with multibet have never lost a coin, they in fact feast day in day out by capitalizing on other gamblers’ ignorance. But what exactly do these winners do? Here is the secret.

If you want to avoid losing in a multibet,avoid a combination involving more than 3 teams.In short,this is how you should play this.


Machester United-Arsenal


Tottenham-Leicester City

Now those are three combinations, which can give you up to Ksh 8,000 with a single bet.

Now, if you make three such bets, you have high chances of winning any of the bets, which can bring you up to Ksh 8,000 with a correct outcome.

What many people do in order to avoid a loss, they avoid choosing whether a team will win or lose.They simply select goal-goal, or more than 2.5 or less than 2.5.

For your information, if you choose goal-goal or less than or more than 2.5 goals, you have 50 % chance of winning the money.

The best selection entails selecting which team will be at the top in first half. This mostly helps when a very strong team is playing with a weak team. In this case, select a strong team as the winner in first half.

If two strong teams or weak teams are playing against each other, there are high chances they will draw in first half.

If a strong team is playing against a weak team, avoid selecting goal-goal, and instead select over 2.5.

If a strong team is playing away against an average team, it’s good to select under 2.5 goals. The strong team is always neutralized in this case.

If a strong team is playing at home against a weak team,chances are that there will be more than 2.5 goals.In this case,pick the “more than 2.5 goals” option.

In sportpesa, if you don’t have more than Ksh 500 to place on multiple multibet, chances are that you will lose your money. This game requires someone with money.

Finally,avoid betting on English teams,they are highly unpredictable. Highly predictable leagues include Argentina,China,Spain,Portugal,Brazil,India,Netherlands and Turkey

What you should avoid in sportpesa betting

Please avoid selecting exact goals to be scored.Chances of winning here are almost zero.I know it’s tempting because the odds are high,but the company is aware that if you win anything,then you are reeeeally lucky.

Also avoid as much as possible selecting whether the game will have odd or even result.It’s better you select the end result as win or loss than picking odd or even result.

Finally,more than 70% of the teams that play day in day out don’t score a total of 3 goals-they score less goals.Meaning that if you are selecting whether the results will have more than 2.5 goals or less,there are high chances you will win something if you select less than 2.5 goals,but be careful when selecting English teams.