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Best Paying NGOs in Kenya



Many Kenyan graduates strive to work for NGOs simply because they have the best renumeration.But not all NGOs have the best salaries-others pay even worse than banks.

One of the factors to guide you in determining the best paying NGOs in Kenya is the type of donor. If the Ngo get funding from UN, World Bank or IMF then the salaries are good, but if it’s the government of Kenya financing the NGO’s activities then expect to earn peanuts.

Good salaries means starting salaries of not less than Ksh 100,000.So if you are fresh from college and you want to earn over Ksh100,000 these are the NGOs you should search for employment in

Centre for Disease Control


Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International(MSF)

The Lutheran World Federation

CARE Kenya

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)



World Vision

International Rescue Committee (IRC)


WWF Kenya

SNV Kenya

Kemri Wellcome Trust

United Nations

World Food Program


Those are NGOs that will reward your talents, skills and academic qualifications. If you manage to join any of the listed NGOs, you will earn over Ksh100, 000, get access to scholarships to UK,Canada,Australia and many parts of the world. You will also travel a lot.

The most interesting thing is that you will earn per diem of not less than Ksh10,000 per day.I now some NGOs like MSF and USAID can pay daily per diem of up to Ksh 30,000

In Kenya, more than 80 % of employees earn less than Ksh100, 000.Earning more than this money means a lot to your life in terms of financial freedom, career growth and personal growth.

For you to join NGO sector, there are specific degree courses to pursue. Such courses include statistics, international relations, public health, epidemiology, social work, nursing, monitoring and evaluation, project management, biostatistics,IT and Law