Why Kenyan Employers prefer Graduates from UK,Canada,USA,Australia,Belgium,Netherland to Graduates from Kenyan universities



It has been confirmed Kenyan employers prefer graduates from UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Belgium, and Netherlands to Graduates from Kenyan universities.There are reasons behind this.

Apparently, the education system in Kenya,8-4-4,is questionable. There is a believe ,which is true, that graduates from Kenyan universities are hald-baked.This manifests itself when fresh graduates,especially engineers ,doctors and scientists are offers opportunities to work for multinational companies. Their input is usually wanting, prompting employers to take them to further training so that they can match workers from other countries.

University education in Kenya is all about reading books and passing exams. You will be surprised that some universities, especially private offer engineering courses but don’t have workshops for practical skills. To make matters worse, a degree program which is supposed to take 5 years, takes not more than two years. Imagine an engineer covering a whole course in 2 years; is that not what we call half-baked?

Apart from M-PESA, which Kenya is proud of. By the way M-PESA was “accident innovation”, and shockingly the man who came with the idea didn’t know the value of this idea. There are no any other inventions you can credit Kenya for. But if you talk about Japan, German, India,USA ,Australia,Canada and UK,there are so many products that come from those countries. This is as a result of education system in those countries.

In Kenya, universities are more concerned about making money, thus compromising the quality of eduction.The main target of our local university is to release graduates to the job world as soon as they join the colleges. They don’t care about what the student learns in the process. As of today, almost every graduate is in the streets in search of employment. As a result, unemployment level has soured. Now the only people who are innovation are those people who came desperate after dropping out of school.

Today, bachelor of commerce graduate is not any different from a high school leaver who pursued accounting and business studies. In fact, the difference is so insignificant that employers would prefer employing high school dropouts or CPA 1 holders to university graduates.

As we move forward, graduates from Kenyan universities will not have a place in the employment world. Their positions will be taken from the all-round graduates (UK,USA,Canada,Australia,Japan etc).If you possess a degree from abroad, be sure no graduate from Kenya will beat you in any interview, even if they scored first class.