Best Statistics Softwares and Tools for Statisticians,Data Analysts,Business Analysts and Financial Analysts



When performing data analysis, you have to use statistical tools and softwares in order to obtain the most accurate and desirable results. There are over 30 statistical tools you can employ to perform analysis, but here are the best tools for you.

Excel and Access

You can use Microsoft access to perform data archiving, data management and database administration. After performing that, then employ excel to perform data analysis and statistical modeling .

Excel is a very powerful tool, more powerful than renowned tools like SPSS.It can do basic analysis, data manipulation as well as statistical modeling.

You can use macros to perform statistical modeling and also use pivot tables to manipulate data.


SPSS is employed by 90 % of Data analysts worldwide. This is the most popular statistical tool for data analysis, as well as programming.

The most exciting thing about SPSS is that it’s easy to use and produce the best results for any data. It can easily be used to perform both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Sometimes qualitative analysis is hard to perform especially when coding is needed, but SPSS perform extremely well here.

Another thing that motivates users is the fact that graphs and any output can be stored for future reference.


Statistical software,R,is a programming tool mostly used by statisticians and computer scientists. It is also used by GIS experts.

One of the most exciting thing about this software is that it’s open source, meaning that you simply download it for free.But the challenge is using the software.It is usually hard because you purely need to use codes and commands in every step you move. For example, if you want to plot a graph, you have to write a programming code-but there are several tutorials online to guide you.

The best thing about R is that it can perform basic analysis, modeling and GIS analysis and mapping.


Stata is the best and most friendly statistical software, infact it’s friendlier than SPSS.This tool produces very nice graphs and statistical output.

STATA can perform basic analysis and programming. It is mostly used by researchers and medical practitioners who pursued clinical statistics.


STATISTICA is another statistics tool you can use to perform statistical analysis as well as modeling.

The software is not open source but the price is friendly.

If you happen to get STATISTICA, you will enjoy the output and the friendly nature of the tool.

STATISTICA produces very good graphs. It is also easy to use, just like SPSS and Stata.


Do you know there is a statistic tool referred to as STATA?Well,this is a simple, easy to use tool for data analysts. You simply download it within 2 minutes and have it in your laptop.

PAST is easy to use and can be used by statisticians, financial analysts, economists and programmers.

Past is an open source tool, implying that you don’t need to pay in order to download the software-it’s free


SAS is also a powerful tool but of late people have moved to SPSS and R.But if you manage to have it, you will enjoy what it can do, particularly when analyzing data from experiments.


EpiInfo is another statistics tool you can use to analyze data.The tool,which is commonly used by CDC,can perform data analysis,programming and GIS and Remote Sensing.

EpiInfo is an open source tool.