Here is a list of Schools in Kenya where The Rich Take Their Children




At no time you will find Uhuru’s son sitted next to you in a class or Raila’s daughter sharing a dormitory with your son. These rich guys take their children to exclusive international schools where talent and quality are exhaustively taught. If you are a man of means who is able to make at least Ksh 100,000 per day, then your child might share a classroom with Uhuru’s son.

International schools in Kenya, which mostly have the British system (GCSE), charge at least Ksh 200,000 per term. Other charges include money for international tours which amounts to upwards of Ksh 500,000 per year. These children don’t tour local destinations like Maasai Mara, Fort Jesus or Nakuru National Park, they go to Singapore, UK, USA, Canada, Japan,Australia etc where they interact with other kids.

In short you need at least Ksh 3 million for your kid in a single year.

To make it more interesting, you must have a car and a driver for your kid. I always see these kids being dropped by fuel guzzlers to avoid embarrassment. If you own a Toyota Probox, you better not use it to drop your kid-even the security officer at the gate might turn you away.

Now these are the schools I was talking about and the fees they charge

  1. International School of Kenya (ISK)

Pre-Kindergarten KSh 1.4 million per year

Kindergarten: KSh 2.15 million per year.

Grades 1-5: KSh 2.27 million per year

Grades 6-8: KSh 2.44 million per year

Grades 9-10: KSh 2.5 million per year

Grades 11-12: KSh 2.6 million per  year

  1. St Andrew’s Turi

Reception (Day only): KSh 804,000 per year

Years 1 to 4: KSh 1.6 million  per year

Years 5- 6: KSh 1.6 million per year

Years 6-7 : KSh 1.9 million per year

Year 9: KSh 1.97 million per year

Year 10-11 : KSh 2.14 million per year

Year 12-13: KSh 2.32 million per year

  1. Greensteds Schools

Year 1-2: KSh 919,500 per year

Year 3: KSh  1.19 million per year

Year 4-6: KSh  1.19 million per year

Year 7-8: KSh  1.47 million per year

Year 9- 11:KSh 1.84 million per year

Year 12-13: KSh 1.89 million per year

  1. HillCrest Schools

Year 1: KSh 652,823 per year

Year 2:KSh 1.03 million per year

Year 3- 4:KSh 1.23 million per year

Year 5-6:KSh 1.24 million per year

Year 7-11:KSh 1.29 million per year

Year 12-13:KSh 1.42 million per year

  1. Peponi School

Nursery 1: KSh 570,000 per year

Nursery 2: KSh  630,000 per year

Reception: KSh  720,000 per year

Year 1: KSh 885,000 per year

Year 2: KSh 1.38 million per year

Years 3 – 8:KSh 1.55 million per year

6.Pembroke House

Nursery : KSh 216, 000 per year

Reception: KSh 390,000 per year

Year 1: KSh 615,000 per year

Year 2: KSh 1.43 million per year

Year 3-8: KSh 1.79 million per year

Other schools include:

Gems Cambridge International School

Tuition per term: KSH 718,480 (&7,885)
Location: Nairobi

Brookhouse School

Tuition per term: KSH 830,000 ($9,110)

Now after the kids graduate from these schools, they will fly abroad for further studies.The most preferred countries include UK, USA, Canada,Australia and Japan.