This Is What You Should Do In case You Are Robbed Of Your Money, Mobile Phones, and Wallet in Nairobi



Life in Nairobi is harsh, especially if you lose your wallet, money, phones and all your valuables to robbers, but there are ways you can survive after the ordeal.

You have witnessed several cases where people lose everything, including mobile phones. In such situations, the victim becomes totally confused .And the funny thing about Nairobians is that in such a scenario, nobody is willing to help-they will simply continue with their business as if nothing has happened.

Before you are robbed, take these precautions:

When you are in a matatu, please avoid opening the window especially if you are on phone. At the same time, make sure you always carry your phone in your hands instead of putting it in your pocket. This will deny the pick pocketer opportunity to strike.

Avoid some streets as much as possible

Always avoid dangerous and crowded streets and places like Muthurwa and Machakos country bus, River Road and the surrounding and other funny streets. Unless you have pressing issues, don’t visit such streets.

If you are from upcountry and you don’t know the direction you are going, ask for the same from these people: security officers, PESA attendants, City Council Askaris, Police Officers or matatu drivers.

Now, if you have been robbed of your valuables and you are stranded in Nairobi, this is what to do:

I am assuming you are not in a position to call any of your relatives or you don’t have even a single cent to take you home. Simply check into the matatu stage to your estate and explain to them that you will pay them once you arrive at your destination. Explain to them what had happened to you-some will listen. Once you reach your destination, I am sure you won’t find a way to sort the things out.

Go to a matatu stage like Easy Coach, Machakos country bus, Transline etc and beg to carry luggage for people who have just alighted from the buses. Some will trust you and in the process you will have something to take you home.

Visit any nearby police station, report the matter and explain to them your problems. At the end they will provide transport home.

NB:At any given time, ensure you have mustered some phone numbers for some relatives to call in case of emergency.