Is This What Cancer and Kidney Patients Go Through in Kenya?See How Much Drugs Cost



“The number of cancer patients in Kenya is increasing by the day. Nowadays, Cancer disease, which is a chronic ailment, kills more Kenyans than any other disease.We blame lifestyle and the foods we eat.

One patient has come out to explain what cancer patients go through in Kenya,and it’s shocking that the government does not do anything to help them. Despite patients trooping to India for treatment,still the disease remains a national disaster, which can be confirmed by this story:

“I have today met part of the drugs that i will be taking til the day they say Lj is no more in 80 years to come.

A single tablet costs ksh 135.So is spent only 2900 or there about.I will be taking 6 of these per day.They are meant to supress my immunity so that it doesnt attack the kidney am about to recieve.

After transplant,i will get three more types of drugs that will be costing close to 50k per month.

See,these are the challenges we are facing out here expensive drugs!especially if you dont work for the goverment.Just as the goverment made dialysis affordable,also look after post transplant patients.

If i fail to take these drugs any single day either due to neglegence or lack of money,God forbid i will go back to dialysis.

I have 3,500 friends,i know most of you read what i write and comment on the streets when we meet,but today save the comment,lets save kidney patients out there,help me be an ambassador for them and get this message to the authorities.

Dont like,just share,share share share!

And help Lj Fight kidney Disease.”


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