Do You Know VIP and Celebrity Protection Career is one of the Best in The World? This is Where You can Take Your Training



VIP and Celebrity protection job is a reserve for the few but the profession, as hard as it looks, is well paying. The training usually takes less than one year but it’s very intensive. What you are trained is how to respond to emergencies, charged crowd, how to behave in volatile areas, the moments the VIP or celebrity needs to be guarded most, how to prevent assassination and many aspects of protection.

The average salary of a bodyguard/VIP protection officer is $5,000 in USA and slightly more than $3,000 in most European countries. In Africa, it’s between $1,000-$3,000.

The basic requirements to pursue VIP protection course

What is needed is evidence of no criminal record and also you must be physically fit.

Colleges which offer VIP Training courses

Bodyguard Services South Africa

The Israeli College for Security and Investigation

Krav Maga Philippines

Israel Counter Terror & Security Academy

TSU Protection Services

Expro Security

Police Science Institute

Israeli Security Training Center

Ronin South Africa Close Protection & Remote Medic Training

IKMF Krav Maga VIP Protection

Common VIP Training Courses

2 weeks VIP Bodyguards Basic Level
1 week Security Management:

Peripheral Security & Facilities Protection

2 week Israel’s Security Experience – coping with terrorism
1 week Protecting Strategic Sites and Energy Facilities
2 week Hotel’s Security management
2 week Investigation and Intelligence
1 week Armed Fighting and Israeli Military Krav Maga


2 weeks VIP Bodyguards – Advanced Level
2 weeks Counter-Terrorism
1 week Advance Bodyguard and Sniper with Intelligence Support

You can decide to enroll for the course online or visit the colleges for training. The best training colleges are located in Israel.



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