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Best and Marketable Courses in Uganda


If you are planning to pursue a degree course from a Ugandan University,we have listed the best degree courses to study so as to boost chances of securing employment.
1. Medicine
Medicine and Health related courses are very marketable in Uganda, People get sick and the services of these professionals are always required.

Though it takes time to complete a Medical degree, the salaries Doctors earn are huge regardless of the years in service.

2. Computer Science/IT
Computer is a very good course especially if one combines with a professional course. The course is unique since not everyone is capable of pursuing it.

After graduation it takes one few months to secure a job, which is a nice thing to a fresh graduate.

3. Bachelor of Commerce (Bcom)
Accountants can work as Cashiers, Tellers, Accountants, Finance Officers, Investment Analysts or Underwriters in any industry.

The best thing with this course is that you can combine with CPA, ACCA or CFA to make yourself more marketable and even diversify your skills.

4. Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering is not old in the Uganda job market but the course has taken the market by storm.
Since Uganda is developing, most companies require Civil Engineers to work in sites for accelerated results.

Civil Engineering is marketable and more diverse because one can work in building roads, bridges, buildings and many other physical structures.

5. Bachelor’s in law
Lawyers are among the few elites in the society who make good cash, they can either work for companies, the government or go for private practice. Law is very marketable when a graduate has acquired significant skills.

6. Nursing
Every hospital needs a nurse, no wonder Ugandans are rushing to pursue Nursing in colleges. As a Nurse, you can either work in Hospitals or employ yourself through opening a clinic or a chemist.