This Made My Day,Kenyan Politicians Answers Against Jeff Koinange



Jeff Koinange is currently at Royal Media Services,his salary is Ksh 2 million per month. The former CNN journalist has been interviewing politicians and below is how they answer his questions.

#JEFF: You Damn Rich, Where did you get all this Billions of Money.?
#KIDERO.: I am a professional doctor, a Pharmacist. I have been & i was a company C.E.O from the age of 28yrs, of course i was not being paid Bananas. Am currently the Governor? Am paid Money. Not Bananas.
#JEFF : Its in the public Domain that members of parliament, senate & state officers earn more than they do. Are you willing & ready to take a pay cut?
#MURKOMEN: you’ve been earning more than a million since 1994 all the way from Africa for rise Television in Johannesburg. You’ve been earning 3.2M at CNN from 2001-2007. You’ve been at KTN & now you are earning 2m at Royal Media. Have you ever taken a Pay cut?
#JEFF: THE polls are confirming that Oparanya is unbeatable in kakamega, the people of Kakamega will kick you out…. If you dare go for Governor. In case you lose whats your plan? What will you be? What are you planning to be.?
#KHALWALE: Thats not the end of life.. There are always better things to do. You were Kicked at CNN & you are still doing better things’ Don’t you?
#JEFF: can you swear before this camera that you’ve never sold Drugs…
#KABOGO. : Ppl have always blackmailed me behind my hard work & progress. Its normal. They also said you were involved in a Date rape incident in London while at CNN, can you swear before the same Camera that you never touched that woman before being Kicked from CNN.?
#JEFF.: you’ve been branded water melon.? Whats the feeling.? I mean how do you feel being a watermelon.?
#KALONZO: its a bad feeling of course. ‘ How can you feel if i call you a chameleon. You’ve moved from Africa Rise Television in Johannesburg, NBC News, Reuters Television, ABC news, CNN, K24, KTN & now you are at Citizen. Are you still the Same Jeff or you’ve changed to a chameleon.?