4K TV is the Best Television to Buy in Kenya,Here is Why



Kenyans, for a long time have been buying analogue, digital and smart TV, without knowing 4K TV is the best smartTV in Kenya.

First of all, I know most of you are not aware what 4K TV means.Well.this is a normal television but with the best resolution on earth.A normal television has a resolution of about  1080p but this 4K TV has more than 10 times this resolution.

When we talk about resolution, we mean pixels,I mean picture quality-the higher the resolution the better.

Another advantage of 4K TV is that Amazon and Netflix have made it possible for you to watch countless movies and download any content you wish to download from the internet as long as you have the internet. These features are not available in these normal televisions. In addition, you can stream live on YouTube and any other online channel of your choice.

The only problem is that these televisions come in big sizes, in fact above 32 inch, and they are more expensive than the normal televisions. In Nairobi you can get one through Jumia, Luthuli Avenue,Nakumatt Supermarket and Sony shops.