6 Strong Reasons Why You Should Not Vote For Jubilee, Opinion from a Kenyan Voter



Jubilee government, led by Uhuru Kenyatta, has given Kenyans every reason to vote them out. Despite the government trying to convince Kenyans that they have done what the former governments have not done for the past 50 years, Uhuru’s government has achieved almost nothing.

But before we crucify them, let’s give reasons why we believe they have scored 5 %.

The first positive point is the fact that they have connected more homes with electricity than the coalition government did in 5 years. Electricity is the best achievement for Uhuru’s government so far.

The second strong point is the construction of the SGR railway.This, even if its cost may have been inflated, is a plus for the government.

The third achievement, thanks to CS Matiangi, is the reforms in the Ministry of Education.Dr Matiangi has done a wonderful job, I propose Raila name him the CS for Education when he is elected president.

Those are the only achievement we know.

Here are the shortcomings of this administration:


Kenya was ranked 7th most corrupt country in the world—imagine the world has over 250 countries.

The government has scored zero on corruption.


Several companies have closed shops, others are “limping “.Some of the companies which are registering massive losses under Jubilee administration include East African Portland Cement,Uchumi Supermarket,Mumias Sugar,etc.

Several Kenyans have been sacked by various public and private companies over the last 4 years.

Nowadays tarmacking has become a full time job for millions of Kenyans.


Tribalism is highest in the history of Kenya. If you look at state corporations heads and all the appointments the president has done for the past years, you will notice that there is no fairness in regards to tribal diversity.


This is the first time Kenyans are buying maize flour at Ksh 160.In 2013, the same packet of maize floor would cost you Ksh 75…and don’t tell me it’s because of drought. Drought has been there even the time of Elijah in the Bible.

They threw their manifesto immediately they were elected

Where are the 5 stadia, where 1 million are jobs annually, where is double digit economy, where is inclusivity, where is…


We understand that every country, even USA,has debts,but the amount of money Jubilee has borrowed over the past 4 years will take not more than 50 years to repay.I wonder how they will run the government if they are re-elected.