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List of Best Courses to Study at Technical University of Mombasa (TUM)


A list of best courses to study at Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) include undergraduate and postgraduate programs,which are highly desired by Kenyan employers.

Technical University of Mombasa is located in Mombasa County. The institution was initially referred to as Mombasa Polytechnic College until it was upgraded to a full University College.

If you are considering the option of pursuing your studies from TUM,here is a list of the best courses to enroll for.

1. Bachelor Science in Information Technology
BSc.IT is among the most marketable courses in Kenya. The course gives an individual technical and professional skill necessary for the Kenyan job market.

The course is ideal for someone who is good in Mathematics and Sciences and likely to influence the society through innovation.

In order to be more marketable, a student should pursue professional courses relevant to the IT course. Some of the best professional courses include CISCO and CCNT.

2. Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Computer Science
In this program there is a combination of two great subjects; statistics and computer science. What is thrilling here is how a graduate will be marketable after graduating with this course.

This combination will enable a professional to work in any sector of economy as a Statistician, Data Analyst, Computer Specialist or any related duties.

To add more value to the paper one should pursue statistical packages such as SPSS, STATA, SAS, MySQL and STATISTICA.

3. Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Commerce is among the best courses in the world as many students prefer to pursue it because it’s both marketable and diverse.

Technical University of Mombasa allows Bachelor of Commerce students to specialize in Accounting, Finance,Marketing, HRM, Transport and Logistics, Procurement and Management Science. From our analysis, all the options provided above are very marketable in Kenya.

As a BCOM graduate you should consider pursuing professional courses to make yourself more marketable. Some of the professional courses ideal for you include CPA, CIFA, ACCA, CS, CCP and CFA.

4. Diploma in Accountancy
This is a wonderful course if the student combines it with CPA.The course gives a student skills required to perform duties related to accounting profession. If you intend to join TUM and you are good in Mathematics, this course should be your first option.

5. Diploma in Front Office Operations and Customer Care Management

Front office and Customer Care are critical positions in any serious organization. Employees who perform these duties are key pillars of their institutions as they are positions strategically to either introduce visitors to their firms or communicate with clients on behalf of the company.

Though many Kenyans have pursued related course, there are still many opportunities for this graduates.

6. Diploma in Information Communication Technology
As mentioned in our previous analysis the course is good as it gives you a platform to identify your talent, hence becoming innovative. If you find a chance to do the course, make sure you learn essential skills that will enable you become self-employed after college.

7. Diploma in Quantity Surveying
We have interviewed many Quantity Survey Graduates and they confirm that, indeed, the course is marketable.

These professionals work in the construction industry where they help in project planning until completion.

You will not regret afterwards by enrolling for Quantity Survey Diploma course.

8. Diploma in Architecture
Just like Diploma in Quantity Surveying, Architecture is very marketable in Kenya, but takes time before one becomes an independent consultant. We highly recommend Kenyans to enroll for the course if they intend to venture into real estate and construction industries.

9. Diploma in Graphic Design
Graphic Designers are among the most sought graduates in Kenya as blogging and social media industries grow.

Graphic Designer has an upper hand over other graduates since they can employ themselves immediately after school, whether they possess professional experience or not.

10. Diploma in Sales and Marketing
Every business entity endeavors to make the most out of sales in order to maximize profits. Marketing is the driving force behind sales in that, best advertised products tend to increase sales. Therefore, to achieve this objective, any business requires qualified sales and marketing personnel. Even the simplest kind of business, whether self-employment or working for someone, marketing is essential pillar in the business; this is the reason why one will never go wrong by choosing this course.

11. Diploma in Procurement and Material Management
Manufacturing industry in Kenya is expanding each day due to conducive environment for running business. Due to this fact; companies are in need of procurement specialists to process tender document, engage in supply and purchasing and also help in distribution of company goods.

The level of unemployment for Procurement graduates is very low, which gives hope to those aspiring to enroll for the course.