Best Short Courses To Do in Kenya After KCSE Exams



After pursuing your KCSE exams and results are out, you have several months of waiting before you join college. During this time, there are several short courses you can pursue in Kenya as you prepare for the academic journey. These are some of the programs that will boost your CV during job search.

French/German/Chinese/Italian languages

These foreign languages (French/German/Chinese/Italian) will greatly boost your profile especially if you have interest in hotel management, linguistics, journalism &communications, marketing, teaching and tourism, PR, International Relations. As you are aware, having additional foreign language is what most 5-star hotels and embassies demand before they offer you employment. Also, International schools and some NGOs demand the same.

It will take you at most 6 months to learn one of the courses.

KASNEB Courses

CPA/CIFA/CCP/CS/CICT are the most popular professional courses in Kenya. These courses are a must do for business and IT professionals.

If you are planning to pursue the following programs, please enroll for KASNEB programs:

  1. Bachelor of Commerce
  2. Bachelor of Economics & Finance
  3. Bachelor of Economics
  4. Bachelor of Law
  5. Bachelor of Business Administration
  6. Bachelor of Business Management
  7. Bachelor of Financial Engineering
  8. Bachelor of IT
  9. Bachelor of Computer Science
  10. Bachelor of Computer Engineering
  11. Bachelor of Real Estate Management
  12. Bachelor of Economics & Statistics
  13. Bachelor of Software Engineering
  14. Bachelor of Cooperative Management

For IT and Computer Science, CICT is the best course for you. For Financial Engineering and Statistics students, CIFA is the best course for you and for Law students CS is the best course for you.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation is a short course, which earns you a certificate, very important for statisticians, health professionals, project managers and marketers. The course is offered at AMREF and Kenya Institute of Management, and it takes 3-6 months.

If you know your interest is in health sector, statistics or project management, M&E is the best course to pursue.


ACCA is also another marketable course you can enroll for after high school. This professional certificate rival CPA and is regarded as more marketable than CPA.

The only thing required when enrolling for ACCA is your high school result slip.

Music and performing arts

If you know you are going to be a teacher, please enroll for music classes. This particularly goes to people who will be seeking employment at international schools.

Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)

Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) is the most ideal professional course for professionals in the area of security, forensic science and auditing. If you know you will be in any of these fields, this is the course to enroll for.

Actuarial professional courses

Actuarial professional courses are a must do for actuarial students. Also, students in Mathematics and statistics courses are allowed to try their luck here.

It is advisable to start pursuing actuarial professional courses immediately you get your form four result slip.