Zuku vs Safaricom Internet



Zuku and Safaricom are two giant companies which provide internet for Kenyans. While both are reliable, it is believed ZUKU is cheaper than Safaricom, but based on customer reviews, Safaricom has numerous advantages over ZUKU.


Zuku for office is much cheaper than Safaricom.While Safaricom charges upwards Ksh 10,000 for office internet, Zuku charges as low as Ksh4,499.

In terms of personal usage costs, one can control the amount of data you use based on the data bandles,Zuku requires that you pay monthly subscriptions, which range between Ksh 1,000-Ksh3,000 for a single house. An active social media user spends Ksh 1,000 worth of Safaricom bundles per month.

Internet Speed

Zuku uses Fibre cables to supply internet, even so, the internet speed is low as compared to Safaricom’s speed.Safaricom uses 4G network, which is the fastest internet.


Safaricom internet is 98 % reliable…it rarely disappoint but ZUKU internet can disappear many times, making it not so reliable.


If you operate business from home, it’s advisable you install Zuku but also have Safaricom line to use in case of outages.