Marketable Engineering Courses in Kenya


There are over 15 engineering degree courses in Kenya,but employers prefer those that add value to their companies-which is why some courses are more marketable than others.

Engineering profession has attractive salary especially if your area of bias is towards computer science and oil & gas engineering ; the demand for these courses extremely high due to the small number of qualified professionals in the country.

Latest survey show that the following engineering courses are the most marketable in Kenya:

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is the best engineering course so far.This course is highly relevant in the construction industry.

As the real estate sector expand in length and breadth,the demand for structural engineering continue to soar.This has created a deficit for these professionals.


Though the word engineering does not appear in architecture,this course is considered among the best in Kenya and Africa at large.

One of the things that make this course a hot cake is that you don’t need to be employed by somebody for more than 2 years,if you do then you don’t know what you are doing.

Unlike a degree in education where you can count the number of teachers who possess cars,architects own not only cars but also limousines.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical and electronics engineering will continue to be marketable as long as industries dealing with oil and energy exist.The beauty of studying the course is that there are numerous opportunities in the country.The salaries are also cool.
Computer Engineering

A computer engineers is somebody who works in IT companies as well as several other companies that need software developers.This course has very high employment rate as compared to business courses.

Civil Engineering

If you are fortunate to get a job with a construction company or a company dealing with big projects,your life will never be the same again.

Software Engineering

As I write this,software engineering is the most marketable engineering and IT course in the world.You will not go wrong by studying the course.

Oil & Gas Engineering

Oil & Gas engineering is also another well-paying field in Kenya,though few companies afford to employ these professionals.

A fresh graduate of this course earns not less than Ksh 130,000 at KenGen.