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Courses offered at CUEA Kenya


Courses offered at Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) Kenya include undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Catholic University of Eastern Africa is one of the best private universities in the country. The institution offers short courses,certificates,diplomas,degrees,masters and PhD courses.Below is a list of their courses.

Short  Courses

  1. Conflict Management, Counselling, Peace building, Healing and Reconciliation Workshop
  2. Church Management and Administration
  3. Certificate in Music
  4. Computer Packages
  5. Renewal & Sabbaticle year.

Diploma courses

  1. Advanced Diploma in Business Management
  2. Ordinary Diploma in Business Management
  3. Diploma in Evangelization and Catechesis
  4. Diploma in Pastoral Ministry and Management
  5. Diploma in Counselling Psychology
  6. Diploma in Conflict Management and Peace building

Degree Courses

  1. Bachelor of Education (Arts)
  2. Bachelor of Education (Science)
  3. Bachelor of Commerce
  4. Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences
  5. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Masters courses

  1. Master of Education
  2. Master of Arts in Development Studies
  3. Master of Arts in Project Planning & Management
  4. Master of Business Administration