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List of Courses offered at Moi University Kenya



Moi University offers courses from certificates, diploma, masters to PhD level. Some of the best courses to study at Moi University include Medicine, Statistics,BBM,Law and Engineering.

The university is one of the oldest training institutions in the country and ranks among the best institutions in Africa.A degree from this institution is a guarantee for a rewarding career.

From the university website,here is a list of courses offered at Moi University.

Undergraduate courses

  1. Bachelor Law (LLB)
  2. Bachelor of Science in Informatics
  3. Bachelor of Science (Information Sciences)
  4. Bachelor of Science (Media Science)
  5. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) with majors in one of the following; Botany, Chemistry, Physics, or Zoology,
  6. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science (AS),
  7. Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics with Computing (AST),
  8. Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry,
  9. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (CS) and
  10. Bachelor of Science in Microbiology.
  11. Certificate in Human Resource Management
  12. Certificate in Public Relations
  13. Certificate in Entrepreneurship
  14. Certificate in Project Management
  15. Certificate in Public Speaking
  16. Diplomas in Human Resources
  17. Diplomas in Public Relations
  18. Diplomas in Entrepreneurship
  19. Diplomas in Project Management
  20. Diplomas in Journalism
  21. Bachelor of Science in Communications and Public Relations
  22. Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communication
  23. Bachelor of Science in Communication and Journalism
  24. Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management
  25. Bachelor of Science in Strategic Management
  26. Bachelor of Science in Entreprenuership
  27. Bachelor of Science in Project Planning and Management
  28. Eng. in Civil and Structural Engineering
  29. Eng. in Mechanical and Production Engineering
  30. Eng. in Industrial and Textile Engineering
  31. Eng. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  32. Eng. in Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering
  33. Eng. in Chemical and Process Engineering
  34. Bachelor of Education [Arts]
  35. Bachelor of Education [Education Science]
  36. Bachelor of Education [Technology Education]
  37. Bachelor of Education [Guidance and Counselling]
  38. Bachelor of Education [Early Childhood and Primary Education]
  39. Bachelor of dental surgery (BDS -5 years)
  40. Bachelor of Medicine
  41. Bachelor of Surgery
  42. Bachelor of Nursing
  43. Bachelor of Physical Therapy
  44. Bachelor of Medical Psychology
  45. Diploma in Community Health
  46. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health
  47. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Undergraduate)
  48. Master of Science in Nursing
  49. Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
  50. Bachelor of Tourism Management (BTM)
  51. Bachelor of Travel and Tour Operations Management
  52. Bachelor of Hotel and Hospitality Management
  53. Bachelor of Arts in Economics
  54. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics & Resource Management
  55. Bachelor of Sports Management
  56. Bachelor of Arts in Creative Arts (Theatre arts)
  57. Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies
  58. Bachelor of Arts in Geography
  59. Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies
  60. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  61. Bachelor of Arts in Kiswahili
  62. Bachelor of Arts in Language and Literary Studies (Linguistics)
  63. Bachelor of Arts in Literature, Theatre and Film Studies
  64. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Public Administration
  65. Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Science and Operations