Khaligraph Jones Spent Ksh 500,000 to Bleach his Skin.See his Latest Photo



Khaligraph Jones has bleached his skin— and Kenyans are shocked.

The rapper, whose star and brand has grown beyond him, sneaked out of the country to Europe where he did the plastic surgery- In the process, Khaligraph became white. He sank a total of Ksh 500,000 into the process, which killed former Nigerian president’s first lady.

We are informed the rapper’s intention is to market his music beyond Kenya and possible get close to the likes of Jay Z and Kanye West. The shortest route, he believes, was to bleach the skin.

This week Jones appeared on NTV .From a black and handsome man, the former Kayole resident was looking like a monster, a completely different creature. Fans lamented and cursed the clueless Kenyan, who they say looked more handsome when he was dark.

Below is how the man looks now.

Before bleaching,this is how handsome he was.