How to Invest Ksh 100,000 to Become Rich in Kenya



Ksh 100,000 looks small but there are many ways to invest the money so as to get maximum returns. To be rich is a choice, being poor is a choice too but for an individual who is determined to create wealth, being rich is the only option.

Given Ksh 100, 000, this is how you can turn the small amount into wealth.

The first thing to do is open a profitable business, this will ensure you have constant flow of income and also enough time to multiply your capital. Based on our research, the following is a list of profitable ventures to start:

  • Shoe shining business in Nairobi
  • Cosmetics shop
  • Salon
  • Cereals Business
  • Grocery
  • Day care business
  • Juice blending business


Invest the money in Unit Trusts

If you don’t have a plan of starting business, take your money to an insurance company where you will open an account for unit trusts. With Ksh100, 000, you will be assured of at least Ksh1,500 monthly in profits, yet your principal amount will be intact.

Unit trusts have zero risks, implying that you will get maximum benefits from your investment.

The best insurance companies for unit trusts include Old Mutual and CIC, which have provide rates of not less than 11 % of the principal amount.


Farming is the most ideal way you to invest Ksh 100, 000, but you should be very careful not to invest in crops which will give you little or no returns.

The most profitable crops to plant in Kenya include:

  1. Tomatoes
  2. Watermelon
  3. Mangoes
  4. Avocado
  5. Bananas

Alternatively, you will invest your money into poultry farming, which is one of the most profitable ventures in the country.


If you don’t have immediate business plan, sink all your Ksh 100,000 onto government bonds. With your money invested in bonds, you are sure of benefiting from attractive interest earned from the investment.

SACCO shares

Another way of creating wealth is by saving your money in a credible SACCO.

You are required to buy shares worth Ksh 100, 000, which will earn you annual figure of not less than Ksh 12,000.

I can recommend Stima,Ushuru,Mhasibu or Harambee SACCO.