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List of Best small and Most Profitable Business to Start in Kenya in 2017


Which is the best business to start in Kenya in 2017?

Business is the best venture that could propel an individual to greatness. There are several small business opportunities you can venture  in in 2017 that could change your life forever. Some of the business opportunities require absolutely no capital while others require less than Ksh 10,000 to start.

It’s absolutely worthless if you have a good business idea but you keep on postponing it, citing lack of capital. For your information, almost 80 per cent of businesses you see around were launched through bank loans and money obtained from friends and relatives- some were even started as an experiment but are now running as empires.

Based on the business environment in Kenya, we list the most lucrative business to start in Kenya in 2017 where most of them are small but profitable.
1. Animal Feed Production
2. Art Gallery
3. Blogging
4. Bottled Water Production
5. Car hire
6. Car Wash
7. Catering Services
8. Computer Training Centre
9. Cooking Gas Sales
10. Dating Service
11. Daycare Services
12. Disc Jockey (DJ)
13. Farming tomatoes, carrots, watermelon, onions, beans, maize
14. Fashion Stylist
15. Fast Food Restaurant
16. Funeral Arrangement Company
17. General Shop
18. Grocery
19. Laundry Services
20. M Pesa Shop
21. Mobile Food Vending-especially in Nairobi
22. Night club and pub
23. Online shop-to sell smartphones, clothes and electronic gadgets
24. Photography
25. Poultry Farming
26. Recreation Centre
27. Recruitment Agency
28. Resume Writing
29. Selling Fruit Juice
30. Selling Honey
31. Selling Motorcycle spare parts
32. Selling used cars
33. Social Media Marketing
34. Starting an Agrovet
35. Video Game Centre
36. Shoe Shining
37. Selling Mitumba
38. Selling women handbags
39. Salon
40. Kinyozi
41. Cleaning services
42. Manicure Pedicure
43. Massage Centre
44. Jewelry Making
45. Construction Cervices
46. Research Consultancy Company
47. Gym and Weight Loss Services
48. Health Food Store
49. Chemist
50. Boutique
51. Nursery and Pre-Unit School
52. Office Cleaning Services
53. Movers company
54. Security Company
55. Selling Tents