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Best Courses Offered at Egerton University Kenya


Egerton University offers some of the best courses in Kenya
The institution has for the last 20 years been ranked among the best Universities in Kenya,this is attributed by the quality of education offered at the institution

The Agriculture dominated University has several attractive courses which were carefully selected to be in line with the requirements of the Kenyan job market.

Following extensive market research conducted in the Kenyan Job market, the courses listed below were found to be the best at the institution.

1. Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery
2. Diploma in Procurement and Supplies Management
3. B.Sc in Natural Resources Management
4. B.A in Communication and Media
5. B.A in Gender, Women and Development Studies
6. B.Ed. (Early Childhood Development and Education)
7. B.Sc Software Engineering
8. B.Sc in Actuarial Science
9. B.Sc Agricultural Economics
10. B.Sc in Economics and Statistics
11. B.Sc in Nursing
12. B.Sc in Statistics
13. Bachelor of Business Information and Management
14. Bachelor of Commerce
15. Bachelor of Cooperative Management
16. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
17. Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine

As you plan to pursue Bachelor of Commerce, ensure you register for CPA, CIFA or ACCA to avoid being rendered jobless after completing school. Those pursuing Actuarial Science should also consider pursuing at least one or two professional courses offered by the Society of Actuaries; you can start with Probability then sit for Financial Management as you progress in your career.

Bachelor of Statistic also requires a student to master Data Analysis tools like SPSS, STATA, R, GENSTAT and SQL in order to be a valuable employee.

Natural Resources Management and Gender, Women and Development Studies will land you in NGO sector. For your information NGOs in Kenya is the best employer, they have excellent terms and good working conditions.