Why The Kikuyu are More Successful Than Other Tribes–Interesting Facts


The Kikuyu tribe in Kenya is the most populous, with at least 10 million people. Despite this, this tribe has been ranked the most successful of the 43 tribes in the country.

Many people accuse the Kikuyu of being thieves and pushy but the fact is, they are hardworking, ambitious and ever focused.

Today we reveal why this tribe will always beat other tribes in terms of development, investments and political capital.

  1. Ambition

When a Kikuyu man or woman set a target, they will do everything to achieve the goal.

In most cases, you will start a project with a Kikuyu man and on the way things get tough. The Kikuyu man will change tactics, become more innovative and employ advanced skills to ensure he fulfills his ambitions, but the other man will give up and try his luck elsewhere.

A Kikuyu man never give up even when things go south.

  1. A Kikuyu will never settle for less

Take example of a Kikuyu woman. When this individual is approached by men with little or nothing in the bank account, she rejects them outright. This woman knows the future will be rough if she settles with this man.But when a rich man approaches her, she will accept and even propose for marriage.

It is also hard for a Kikuyu man to be a watchman—-those are jobs for Luhya,Luo,Maasai and Kisiis.A Kikuyu man knows that if he becomes a watchman, he won’t be successful—so he would opt for hawking or any other business as long as he is not tied somewhere for a meagre pay.

It’s  also rare to find a Kikuyu woman working as a maid..why? Because this job is nothing but misery. In case you find a Kikuyu woman doing this job, then be sure this woman is targeting something or she is simply a first class maid who earns upward of Ksh 20,000.

A Kikuyu never settles for less, he better be a hawker than work as a primary teacher for Ksh 6,000 pay.

This attitude puts them above the rest in terms of income and investments.

  1. Ambitious

A Kikuyu never gives up and always plans for the future. You can attest to this: when a Kikuyu man is employed, he will start investing even with the first salary, he never engage in spending lavishly. This man sets targets even with the small pay he gets, which is one attribute that defines a successful person.

Unlike a Luo man who only focuses on buying big cars, living in rental apartments in Kileleshwa and attending parties, a Kikuyu man will use the money to invest on a profitable venture.

  1. Stingy

A Kikuyu can trace every coin of his even when he is drunk. And for your information, it’s hard to find a Kikuyu spending money on friends….he better drink a lone in a dark corner and save the rest than spending on people.

Kenyan women don’t love marrying Kikuyu men because these men are stingy. Many would rather marry Luo men, who are fond of spending than waste their time with people who save, save and save without even taking them out.

The good thing about this particular habit is that one becomes more responsible, cautious and able to achieve more with the little they have, which is why the kikuyu will always outshine the rest  in development matters.

  1. Informed

Kikuyu men/women are more informed than other tribes. Take for example investments in stock market, bonds and real estate: while other tribes don’t even know the meaning of annuities, a Kikuyu man started saving even before employment. By the time he retires, he has more than Ksh 10 million in this important insurance product.

Information is power, and that’s why Kikuyu have managed to outdo other tribes.

  1. They smell good opportunities

I have gone to several offices and what has shocked me is that the most important positions in those organizations are held by the Kikuyu tribes. The most important positions in an organization are those which involve recruiting staff, signing vouchers and invoices, tendering and cash handling,,, fortunately the kikuyu scramble for these positions.

Even in school, courses like Accounting,CFA,procurement,Bachelor of Commerce are dominated by the Kikuyu tribe,why?Because they know eating is here.If you take statistics, you will notice that few Kikuyu pursue courses like education, front office ,tourism and agriculture…they know there is nothing to smile about in these sectors.