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Facts About a Degree in Law in Kenya…Careers and Salaries



Law degree is mighty. Law degree is rewarding and one of the few careers with numerous job opportunities, but before you smile about this statement, let’s discuss facts.

For you to pursue a degree in Law as a self-sponsored student, you have to score at least a B+ grade in KCSE and B plain in English language. Parallel students require at least a C+ in KCSE general grade and a C+ in English.

Before you join college for a Law degree, you should know that not all universities are accredited to offer degree/diploma in Law. Because your degree can be useless if you don’t enroll for this course at accredited university, it’s wise to confirm which universities are accredited to offer law degree program. Below we present a list of universities accredited by the Council of Legal Education and those which have not qualified to offer Law program.

  1. Institutions fully accredited to offer Degree (LLB) programmes
  Name of Institution Campus Date of accreditation
i) Kenyatta University Parklands Campus 29.02.2012
ii) Strathmore University Madaraka Campus
iii) Riara University Mbagathi Rd Campus 05.07.2012
iv) Kisii University College Kisii Main Campus


  1. Institutions fully accredited to offer Degree (LLB) programmes
Name of Institution Campus Date of accreditation
Kisii University College


Kisii Main Campus 10.09.2012



The following institutions were evaluated for Interim Accreditation and are currently undergoing the process of Full Accreditation.  The institutions were given a specifed period of time within which to apply for full accreditation.

(a)      Institutions approved to offer Degree (LLB) programme

  Name of Institution Campus Date of accreditation
i) University of Nairobi Parklands Campus 26.03.2010
ii) Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Karen Campus 29.03.2010
iii) University of Nairobi Mombasa Campus 20.04.2010
iv) University of Nairobi Kisumu Campus 29.06.2011
v) Mount Kenya University Nairobi Campus 29.06.2011
vi) Catholic University of East Africa Karen Campus 29.06.2012
vii) African Nazarene University Ngong Campus 29.06.2011
viii) Kabarak University Kabarak Campus 09.09.2011


(b)      Institutions approved to offer Diploma in Law Programme

Name of Institution Campus Date of accreditation
(i) Kenya School of Law (Paralegal Programme) Karen Campus 19.09.2011
(ii) Inoorero University Parklands Campus 06.04.2011
(iii) Nairobi Institute of Business Studies Nairobi Campus 08.09.2011

(c)        Institution approved to offer Post Graduate Diploma in Law

 Name of Institution Campus Date of accreditation
(i) Kenya School of Law (Advocates Training Karen Campus Programme) Karen Campus 19.09.2011

(d)       Institutions approved to offer Professional Certifcate Courses

Name of Institution Campus Date of accreditation
(i)   Kenya   School   of   Law      (Continuing Professional Development) Karen Campus 19.09.2011

(e) Institutions under Review of Accreditation Status

Whereas the following institutions had initially been granted Provisional Accreditation to offer law programmes, the accreditation is under review for non-compliance.

Name of Institution

  1. i)              Moi University

(ii)            Presbyterian University of Eastern Africa


Although the Council of Legal Education has engaged with some of the following institutions, neither Provisional or Full accreditation has been granted. The public, parents and students are therefore cautioned against dealing with these institutions in any way to indicate that their programmes are recognized by the Council of Legal Education:

Name of the unaccredited Institutions

  1. i)                Bondo University College
  2. ii)              Chuka College

iii)             Elgon View College

  1. iv)             Pioneer College
  2. v)              Nairobi Aviation College
  3. vi)             Kiriri Women University

vii)            Foundation Institute of Africa Limited

viii)           MIS Centre, College of Management

  1. ix)             KCA University
  2. x)              Leader Institute
  3. xi)             Inoorero University

Having known about the list above, we also reveal the approximate fees needed for you to complete a degree in Law and a Diploma in Law from the Kenya School of Law.If you join the University of Nairobi, you will be required to have at least Ksh 1000,000 for the entire course. Other universities, which include Mount Kenya University, Catholic University and Kabarak University will charge you between Ksh 100,000 to Ksh 200,000 per semester.

After you have completed your Law degree, you need to join the Kenya School of Law for a diploma course in Law. At KSL,the syllabus and exams are hell on earth. In fact, a degree program is easier than a diploma course at Kenya School of Law.

After completing your course at KSL,you will be admitted as an Advocate of the High Court. After admission to the bar, that’s when you are allowed to practice law.

Salaries of Lawyers in Kenya

Once you become a lawyer, then you are allowed to look for greener pastures. As a lawyer, you can decide to do private practice, work for a law firm, become a company lawyer or work for the government. Though options are there, it’s always advisable to work for a law firm for two years before you start your own firm as this will ensure you know how to handle cases, from the least challenging cases to the high voltage ones.Thereafter,you will do private practice.

The average monthly salary of a lawyer in Kenya is Ksh 103,000 for government employees and Ksh 135,000 for company lawyers. Those in private practice can make up to Ksh10 million per month or as little as Ksh 20,000 per month depending on the cases they handle.