List of Hospitals and Clinics in Kenya for DNA Testing—DNA Cost of DNA Testing in Kenya



There are several hospitals and clinics in Kenya which conduct DNA testing.If you are planning to conduct DNA tests on your children or relatives, you will have to visit these centers to have the test.

  1. Easy DNA Kenya

Easy DNA Kenya is one of the best DNA centers in Nairobi. The cost of DNA test is Ksh 24,000.

Easy DNA Kenya promises 99.9 % accuracy of results, meaning the result is significant.

A list of DNA tests conducted at Easy DNA Kenya include:

  • Paternity Testing
  • Relationship Testing
  • Legal DNA Test
  • Infidelity DNA Test
  • Discreet DNA Samples
  1. Bioinformatics Institute of Kenya

Bioinformatics Institute of Kenya is owned by KIBS and offers DNA services.

The DNA Paternity Test is carried out to determine if a man is actually the biological father of a child. KIBS can determine whether a man IS or IS NOT a particular child’s father with an accuracy of up to 99.9999%. The institution can also perform a DNA test using samples from the brother’s father if the alleged father is not available.


Type of Test Cost Comments/purpose
24-marker test 10,000 Kshs. per person (total:20,000 kshs for alleged father+1 child) Determines if a man is the biological father of an individual.
44-marker test 17,500 Kshs. per person (total:35,000 kshs for alleged father+1 child) Determines if a man is the biological father of an individual.


Samples from the Child and the Alleged Father are needed. It is not a must to send the Mother’s sample even though having it can strengthen the results


Results will be available for collection 5 working days after receiving all your samples

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You can make payments to the company’s bank account: A/C name: Bioinformatics Institute of Kenya. Bank: Chase Bank, City Center Branch. A/C No:0012342070001. The Paybill number for payments via Mpesa Paybill is 789190 and the account number is 0012342070001.


  1. Kenyatta National Hospital

Kenyatta National Hospital also offers DNA tests for patients and people who seek these services at the hospital.The tests cost between Ksh20, 000 to Ksh 30,000 and are 99.9 % accurate.

  1. American Embassy

American Embassy in Nairobi is also another institution you can go for DNA testing. The embassy is very reliable since it has modern DNA testing machines.

  1. Nairobi Hospital

Nairobi Hospital can also help you in this service but the hospital is a bit expensive.