List of Kenyan Billionaires Who Own Half Of The Country,Raila  and Uhuru in the List



It’s a fact, Less than 100 Kenyans own more than half of the country’s wealth. The country, however, has less than 20 billionaires who own almost half of Kenya, who have either held senior political positions or own milti-million business empires.

  1. Kenyatta Family

Kenyatta family’s assets are estimated to be in excess of $1.2 billion, according to Forbe’s latest figures. Among the family’s assets include Peponi School-an international School in Nairobi, Commercial Bank of Africa, Brookside Dairy Limited,Mediamax Network Ltd,Heritage Hotels, over Ksh 500,000 acres of land and several other assets, which bring Kenyatta’s net worth to in excess of Ksh 120 billion.

  1. Moi Family

Daniel Arap Moi was the second President of the Republic of Kenya. The former president used his position to amass wealth, which currently stand at more than Ksh 100 billion. Some of the properties registered under Moi & sons’ names include Sunshine Secondary School, Standard Media Group, Kabarak University among other assets. Gideon Moi, the Baringo Senator is the richest among Moi’s sons, followed by Philip Moi.

  1. Chris Kirubi

Chris Kirubi is also another business magnet who has risen to become one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the country. Kirubi’s business interests range from real estate, insurance, media,banking to stock market. The business mogul owns International House in Nairobi CBD, Capital FM,shares in Two Rivers Mall, East Africa’s biggest Mall, and shares in several companies .

  1. K Macharia

S.K Macharia is another billionaire whose bank account grows each second. As you blink, at least $1,000 is added into his bank account. The billionaire has dominated the media industry and currently owns two TV stations and several radio stations.

Forbes estimates his net worth to be in excess of Ksh 40 billion

  1. Raila Odinga

Recently, Blogger Robert Alai claimed the government was shocked after realizing Raila’s net worth is Ksh 3 trillion, which makes him the richest man in Africa.

Raila Odinga has business interests in the media industry, aviation, real estate, oil & gas and manufacturing. Forbes estimates his wealth to be in the region of Ksh 30 billion.

The following is a full list of individuals who own Kenya

Name Net worth (USD) Residence Sources of wealth
Swaleh Nguru[3] Mombasa Investments, Ranching, Real estate, Sisal
Bhimji Depar Shah 700 million (2014)[4] Nairobi Investments
Ramon Kariuki Jr. 370 million (2015)[5] Nairobi banking, dairy processing, tire manufacture, transportation
Uhuru Kenyatta & Family 500 million (2011)[5] Nairobi banking, hotels, dairy processing, real estate[6]
Chris Kirubi 300 million (2011) Nairobi broadcasting, investments, real estate[7]
Lumumba Washika 290 million (2015) Nairobi Business, investments, Politics[8]
Atul Shah Nairobi Nakumatt Supermarkets[9]
The Makuha Kago Family[10] Nairobi Naivas Supermarkets
Peter Kahara Munga 100 million (2014) Nairobi investments, real estate[11]
James Mwangi & Family 170 million (2014) Nairobi Equity Bank Group, investments, real estate[12]
Raila Odinga & Family Nairobi petroleum products storage, manufacturing, industrial gas storage, ethanol[13]
Manu Chandaria 280 million (2014) Nairobi Comfraft Group of Companies, steel manufacturing, banking, investments, real estate[14]
Abdulkadir Ghedi 87 million (2013) Nairobi cement manufacture, Athi River Mining[15]
Baloobhai Patel Nairobi Trans-World Safaris, investments, insurance, banking, telecommunications[16]
Jane Wanjiru Michuki[17] 52 million (2014) Nairobi Kimani & Michuki Advocates, investments, banking

William Ruto is the man to watch,soon he will join the league of billionaires.