Best and Most Profitable Business To Do in Shopping Malls



Shopping malls are replacing traditional shops and supermarkets. In this big house, almost every single business can be done but only a few would yield maximum returns.

Before you set aside capital to start a venture, you should evaluate the cost benefit, and as we know it’s not easy to rent a house in a shopping mall-which is why you should careful single out on the most profitable business.

Here we analyze the most ideal business to set up in a shopping mall for maximum returns

  1. Bouncing castles

Since shopping malls are known to accommodate people of all calibers, children should not be left out. As the best place for leisure, bouncing castle is the best business to set up outside the mall.

  1. Jewelry Shop

Shopping malls like Galleria, Two Rivers and TRM are frequented by upper and middle class population. These people are fond of buying expensive gold and diamond jewelry, and since malls are like their second home, your shop will make it easy for them to obtain their favourite jewelry.

  1. Coffee Shop

If there is something shopping malls must have then it’s a coffee shop. In a shopping mall it doesn’t matter the coffee shop brand in existence as long as the services are available.

  1. Boutique

We all agree that boutique business is very tricky, but I can say one thing: if you want to make it in this business, set it up in a shopping mall.

  1. Smartphone business

Smartphone business is very tricky, just like boutique business. This venture requires that you sell smartphone brands most likely to move fast since price changes occur as soon as you buy them. You also need to set up the business where customer traffic is optimum. Shopping malls have customers who have surplus cash to spend—you will easily trap them by strategically positioning your business within the supermarket.

  1. Fast food restaurant

Nowadays youths in Nairobi survive on fast foods. If you have spotted a free space in a shopping mall, just go straight to the mall and set up a fast food restaurant.

  1. Milk ATM+Grocery

In a shopping mall you are also at liberty to run grocery and milk ATM business. I would advise you to set the two businesses concurrently or in one stall so as to maximize returns.