Return of Damaged /Torn Notes To The Bank of Uganda



Do you know you can return damaged Ugandan notes to the Bank of Uganda? If you have torn notes and perhaps wondering what to do with the money, visit Bank of Uganda in Kampala and present you notes so as to be issued with other notes.

The process of returning damaged notes is as follows 

Damaged or mutilated Bank notes

Bank notes can be damaged or mutilated by poor handling and/or storage. The Bank of Uganda encourages users of currency to keep it well so as to lengthen its lifecycle.

Returning mutilated notes

A damaged or mutilated banknote, can be brought to Bank of Uganda Headquarters or at any of the currency centers.


The bearer is given a form to fill and attach to the damaged note. It is then returned to the authorized officer and a new banknote will be issued to the bearer.

For a mutilated note to be accepted and a new note issued, at least three quarters of that note must be available.

Counterfeits are completely worthless notes. Don’t get caught up- protect yourself and check your banknotes whenever you receive them. It is a criminal offence to keep or pass on a note you know is a counterfeit. If you have a note that you believe is counterfeit, you must take it to police or Bank of Uganda, as soon as possible.