Maximum Amount of Dowry You Should Pay in Kenya…dowry Negotiation




Dowry payment is an expensive affair in Kenya and it can take up to 20 years of saving before you finally settle the obligation. When it comes to this affair, you should stand your ground and say no to exploitation. By doing that, you will prevent your in-laws from setting the maximum dowry to pay for a woman that has come to eat your sweat.

Since the times our forefathers, dowry has been a combination of cows, goats, money and sometimes sheep. These three items are paid concurrently and they are paid once negotiation has occurred.

The first step happens at negotiation stage, where in-laws sit with the “victim”(who is the husband of the woman in question) and table their demands. The husband to the departing woman then tables his offer, which at first is rejected before he blinks. At this stage,both sides are at logger heads, each trying to justify their case. The man, who is obviously sweating, is convinced that he had captured a gold, but he vehemently objects, saying the woman does not deserve the amount and cows quoted because she is filling his toilet and emptying his granary. In the event the man’s explanation fails to convince the panel, he is ordered to pay the amount quoted.

Each tribe in Kenya has set the rules of dowry payment.with Kikuyu and Maasai tribes being regarded as the most expensive while the Kisii and Kamba ranked as the cheapest. Dowry for a Kikuyu woman can cost his husband upwards of Ksh 3 million,,,and it is continuous.In addition to money,the Kikuyu elders will demand cows and goats.For tribes like Kisii and Kamba,you will pay Ksh10,000,a goat and a cow and take a beautiful woman.The Maasai community value livestock and can demand 100 cows for them to release their daughter.

But I would tell you one thing today:if you are a man and you are ready to pay dowry,please don’t allow those parasites in the name of dowry panel to exploit you.What you should know is that you helped the woman’s family by removing a member from within,who came to eat your meal and consume your cash.This woman should pay you instead.During negotiation,just tell the in laws to take the woman if they can’t accept your Ksh 150,000 dowry…don’t even give them cows and goats-I know they will ask for the same.