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The Karen Hospital’s oncology department provides a multi-disciplinary approach to cancer management care. The oncology treatment involves efforts by the best oncologists with their vast knowledge and experience. The Oncology department encompasses surgical oncology, chemotherapy, and reconstructive surgery. The surgical oncology branch focuses on treating the tumors by means of surgery. We at The Karen Hospital have the best Oncologists in Kenya and they deliver their best to heal the cancer patients by using the latest advancements. Pain management techniques using several modalities are incorporated to ensure improved pain relief and good results.
Key Procedures

  • Amputation for peripheral tumors

– When the external parts of the body are excised, then it is called as Amputation. The parts are removed to control the pain and also to stop the infection spread. When a cancerous tumor is found at the limb then the oncologist would recommend for amputation as it increases the chances of healing.

  • Breast conservation surgery

– This surgery is useful for patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer at an early stage. The surgery is done through a lumpectomy and axillary dissection that is followed by radiation therapy to the breast. Through this technique, women try to save their breasts from different kinds of malignancies. Those women who opt for mastectomy, reconstruction of the breast can be done immediately following it.

  • Chemo port insertion

– The cancer therapy is mainly given on the veins. Chemotherapy, infusion of fluids, antibiotics and transfusion of blood happens through the veins and even samples of blood are also taken. To make this easier, the doctor would advise for port insertion. These are larger types of the catheter that is introduced in the upper arm or neck and is done by the interventional cardiologist or surgeons as a day care procedure.

  • Diagnostic laparoscopy and biopsy

– This procedure is used to find out any unknown pain in the abdomen. The surgeons perform this procedure by means of a special device which has a tiny camera connected to the monitor. The surgeon makes a small incision and introduces the device in the wall of the abdomen and if any abnormal tissues are found it is taken for further testing called ‘Biopsy’. This is mainly done to diagnose Mesothelioma condition, a malignancy of the membrane that lines the abdomen and lungs.

  • Treatment of early stage lip and oral cancer

– Lip and oral cancer is formed in the cells that are present in the mouth or lip. The patient will have soreness or lump in the mouth or lip region. The treatment modalities depend on the stage and the location of the tumor and also the general condition of the patient. The early stages of cancer can be treated by means of surgery of radiation therapy.

  • EUA for gynecological cancer

– Examination under Anesthesia is mainly done to examine pelvic and cervical region in women who do not support for diagnosing without sedation due to a physical or psychological problem. The medical staging of Cervical and Vaginal cancer is achieved under anesthesia.

  • Hemithyroidectomy

– It is the surgical procedure done to treat the tumors in the thyroid gland, hyperthyroidism and for cosmetic problems. One part of thyroid lobe is removed to treat the single thyroid nodule. This surgery is very safe with fewer complications.

  • Total Thyroidectomy

– It is the surgical procedure that is done to remove the entire thyroid gland. The reason for the removal is the presence of nodules, tumors, and hyperthyroidism.

  • Modified radical mastectomy

– This surgery is very effective for early stages of breast cancer. Here the breast along with the skin, tissues, areola and nipple are removed but the chest muscles are spared to a large extent when compared to regular mastectomy. Breast restoration surgery can be done following this procedure.

  • Simple mastectomy

– In this surgery the complete breast is removed mainly focusing on the tissues and the lymph nodes under the arm is left integral. It is done to avoid the chances of re-occurrence of breast cancer.

  • Tissue biopsy for any organ

– It is a diagnostic procedure that is done to find any abnormalities or malignancy from any part of the body. To confirm the malignancy, a biopsy is the only confirmative test which gives out prominent results. There are several types of biopsies to detect cancer.

  • Wide excision for skin tumors

– Melanomas are widely treated with surgery and it can cure the premature stage of cancer. Wide excision is a minor operation that cures slight melanomas. The site of the tumor is cut out along with the normal skin called margins and is examined to confirm that the tumor cells are completely removed.

  • Management of gastric intestinal and colonic tumors

– Stomach cancers are difficult to cure as it is diagnosed only at the advanced stages. It is treated by surgical intervention, chemotherapy and radiation therapy or combination of these therapies. The treatment modality is chosen depending on the type and the grade of the cancer, complications and patient’s general health.