Nairobi Hospital International Patient Centre. This is What you need to Know



Nairobi Hospital offers treatment services for international patients.

The Nairobi Hospital (TNH) is the leading tertiary private hospital in East and Central Africa. It is the destination of choice among international patient visiting this region. Up to 20% of patients are foreign nationals.

TNH is located in the city of Nairobi and offers comprehensive general practice and specialist services combined with advanced medical technology and great customer care. We seek to provide you with health care with a difference. We provide for complex procedures e.g. neurovascular interventional procedures, targeted cancer treatment, and specialized orthopaedic surgeries, fertility treatment and minimal access surgery. We offer the latest in medical expertise and technology and warm, friendly services focused on the need of our patients.

We offer team based care especially to patients with multiple medical conditions. As a team specialist diagnose and treat patients efficiently and costs are kept low by avoiding repeat and unnecessary consultations and examinations.

We provide a wide range of specialist medical services at both the outpatient and inpatient levels. These include health screening, multidisciplinary specialist clinics, wards, day surgery, delivery suites, ICU, Neonatal ICU, operating theatres, angiography, radiology, clinical laboratory, physiotherapy and Accident and emergency services including hotel calls and medical escort or evacuation.

TNH has set up an international patient centre (IPC) – to provide personalized care to our international patients and to tend to all non medical needs during their stay.


  • Medical enquiries and appointment – recommend and schedule an appointment with the appropriate specialists.
  •  Arrangement for accommodation in Nairobi.
  •  Medical evacuation and repatriation.
  •  Medical translation and interpreter services.
  •  Hospital admission and discharges.
  •  Airport meetings and transfer services.
  •  Visa application and extension.
  •  Travel planning and visitor information.
  •  Secretarial support services.
  •  Concierge services – currency exchange , car rental.
  •  Insurance and billing services.

Financial Services

We have direct payment contracts with a number of international insurances. A dedicated staff of international account representatives can assist patient and families with financial details, before, during and after their visit to NH.
Services include:
• Information about deposits and payment
• Cost estimates and cost updates for medical services

TNH financial services will aim to provide timely accurate and concise billing services to patients and their families.

Our staff will assist for any concerns that may arise.

Language Services

Interpreters are available at no cost to assist communication between our staff and patients whose primary language is not English. These interpreters can attend appointments, translate patient education materials and offer other assistance as needed.
Patients should indicate if they need an interpreter when requesting an appointment.

Efficient scheduling

TNH doctors provide both diagnosis and treatment in the same visit whenever possible. Doctors can report diagnostic test results to patients 1-2 days after testing is completed.

Schedule for appointment for tests, physician consultation and treatment can be compressed into a short period for international patients. This means less time away from home, less expense and more efficient use of patients and family members time.