Kenyatta National Hospital Bed and Ward Charges



The daily bed charges for a general ward at Kenyatta National Hospital are KES.4, 000, for a single room is KES. 6,150 per day, for a private room is KES.8, 150 while a VIP room is KES.20, 000 per day. These charges exclude medicine and doctors’ fees.

Kenyatta National Hospital has refurbished the Prime Care Center (KPCC), formerly the Private Wing. The gorgeous looking 225 beds wards are situated at the tenth floor of the KNH iconic Tower block.

The facility offers admission for private patients at competitive charges lower than most private hospitals. The Prime Care Centre has four VIP rooms each with a bed for the patient, a resting room that can accommodate more than five relatives and friends of the patients. There are also private rooms for individual patients and general wards beds. All the rooms have free internet services for the recovering patients to interact with relatives and friends. The facility is also on 24/7 CCTV surveillance and all the wards have been installed with fire detectors.