ATM Machines and Prices



If you want to own  ATM Money Machine, then you have to buy from a known vendor.ATM machine has become so useful, especially in countries where cashless system is not prominent, that bank account holders deliberately avoid banking halls for these machines, which dispense money as fast as it’s requested..

Having an ATM in your business can make a significant difference in your sales. An ATM customer will spend 15% more than a non-ATM customer in a convenience store, and an even higher percentage than that in a restaurant, bar or nightclub setting. In fact, some customers will come to a store or other place of business purely to use the ATM: People like to use the same ATMs repeatedly, so your business will be “on the map” for these shoppers!

There are many more advantages to having an ATM on your premises, and a lot of them can save you money as well as making you money. With an ATM, you no longer need to accept checks, and you save yourself the percentage you would have to pay for every credit card transaction when more of your customers are able to pay with cash. Plus, just the surcharge revenue from your ATM alone should allow it to pay for itself within about six months!

Choose your ATM from one of the major ATM manufacturers, including Hyosung, Tranax/Hantle, and Triton. We’ll go over the program options available to you, from 100% ownership of your ATM, to free placement if your business is in a high-traffic area.

If you’re already in the ATM business and want better processing and service .ATM Money Machine Company invites you to contact them so one of their ATM specialists can show you the benefits of the processing. They also have customers who don’t own a business but get permission to place their ATMs in a business owned by someone else — benefiting both the ATM owner and the business owner.

Benefits of ATM Machines to companies

A typical ATM customer will spend 20-25% more than a non-ATM customer

60% of Americans between 25 & 49 use the ATMs 8 times a month

ATM machines will increase retail store sales on average between 8% to 15%

An ATM lowers the amount credit card transactions and in turn saves you bank fees

ATMs provide a needed service to your customers

ATMs save your business from having to take checks

Best Company that sells ATM Machine is the best renown company for selling ATM machines. Advantages of buying the machine from this company include

Advantages of ATM Machines

  • Free technical and Customer support for you ATM machine
  • You receive 100% of the surcharge fees off of the ATM
  • Free website to monitor your ATM from any computer
  • Courteous and helpful staff focused on customer service
  • The best ATM values in the country
  • Guaranteed to NEVER be undersold – we will beat any ATM Price!
  • Parts, labor, and supplies warranty for 5 years available to all clients
  • Speedy, direct ATM shipping
  • We serve all 50 States
  • Prompt payments to you for your ATM surcharge fees
  • On screen and receipt advertising
  • Onsite ATM installation and training
  • Guaranteed ATM buy back program
  • One of the oldest ATM banking companies in America.
  • Our average businesses ATMs dispense hundreds of thousands of dollars every year & much of this cash is spent on site
  • Average user will spend a substantial portion of accessed cash in your business
  • Lowers credit card transactions saving you bank fees
  • Eliminates the problem of credit card charge backs
  • Surcharge revenue alone should pay for your ATM is less than 6 months
  • Saves your business from having to take checks
  • With our ATM program, you receive 100% of the transaction fee with no hidden charges
  • Free ATM technical support
  • Free website access to check your ATMs
  • Our ATMs are safe and secure
  • ATMs are low cost with high returns

ATM Machine Prices

Buy or Lease ATM

ATM Money Machine offers both the purchasing of an ATM machine and the leasing-to-own of an ATM machine. Whether you buy your own ATM machine, or you lease to own your own ATM machine, you set your surcharge and keep 100% of the profits off of the machine. It has never been easier to buy an ATM machine than it is today. For as little as $1,799.00, you can own an ATM machine. Or, for as low as $77 a month, you can lease to own an ATM machine. Both programs allow your business to make a large profit off of having the ATM machine, as well as generating a lot of new cash spending for the business.