I am Married to a Luhya Woman Who Has Beards, I want To Divorce Her But She Has Given Me Conditions



My name is Isaiah and I have a big issue.Last year I got married to a Luhya lady from Bungoma. This was after she got pregnant and pushed me to the limit. I reluctantly told her to come and try life in my small house.

When I was dating her, she had a smooth face, flawless skin and everything was perfect. Her smile was infectious.

Immediately she delivered her first child, she pretended to be so good until I said. “let us now settle”. I went to her parent to pay dowry, surprisingly they asked for two goats and a cow-I was grateful.

My issue started when she got sick for a whole month and didn’t have time to shave her beards. One morning, after she had come from the bathroom, I saw heavy beards surrounding her face. I thought I was dreaming– I saw a ghost, but she gently told me she has been hiding it from me because she feared I could divorce her.

After cooling down, I told her to come with a lesso to my house and collect her belongings,I shall pay for the bodaboda. I gave her the option of leaving my kid behind. The answer I got didn’t please me.This woman told me,”you know these beards are bad omen, If I decide to pluck one and throw it to you,you will die or become mad, don’t joke with me”.I started trembling. She continued, “it’s your choice, you either allow me to stay or divorce me and die”.

Now I am confused.