SRC Reduces Salaries for President,DP,MCA,MP,Governor,Senator and other Government Employees. See New Salary Scales



The Salaries and Renumeration Commission has reduced the pay for the President,Deputy President,MP,Governor,Senator,CEOs and other top state officers and government employees.

A press statement from SRC states:

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission has this morning released the job grading and salary structures for Service and Regulatory State Corporations, and Commercial State Corporations. This marks the conclusion of the job evaluation for the two sectors.

The Commission identified ten (10) factors to be used for evaluating jobs. These are:

  1. Accountability: This was to measure whether a job has a financial responsibility; i.e. Direct or indirect influence on any financial measures for the whole or part of the institution;
  2. Decision making: This was to measure the level of decision-making of the job in the institution given the type of problems that the job holder will be required to solve;
  • Impact: This looked at the impact of the decisions by the job holder including the sphere of its influence; i.e. influence in practices, policies or strategy and the level of influence;
  1. Problem solving: This measured the complexity of the problems the job is required to solve;
  2. Job knowledge: The knowledge and skills that would be required for appointment to the job;
  3. Managerial skills: Technical, human and conceptual skills;
  • Interpersonal skills: The type of communication, verbal and/or written, that the job holder will need to understand in order to perform the job;
  • Working conditions: The exposure of an employee in a working environment;
  1. Responsibility: This measured among others the managerial, operational and financial responsibility of the job;
  2. Independent judgement: This measured whether a job can make independent judgement or has to consult for advice. Evaluating possible causes of conduct, and acting or making a decision after the various possibilities.

Ninety eight (98) Service and Regulatory State Corporations, and forty nine (49) Commercial and State Corporations were evaluated. The total number of jobs evaluated in Service and Regulatory State Corporations were 9,843 while those in Commercial State Corporations were 6,270.

The jobs are distributed as follows across the grades:

Paterson No. of Jobs in Service and No. of Jobs in Commercial
Grade Regulatory State Corporations State Corporations
E 124 87


D 1,587 652
C 5,029 3,035
B 2,297 1,776
A 806 720
Total 9,843 6,270


Salary Structure

Based on the job evaluation job grading structure, SRC has developed a salary structure that is aligned to each grade for both service and regulatory state corporations, and commercial state corporations. The Commission considered the following factors:

Budgetary allocation from Exchequer

Proportion of internally generated funds to Exchequer allocation Ability of institutions to pay recommended salary structure

Attraction of the right calibre of personnel from the competitive job market and Salary survey

The salary structure is as follows:

Paterson Service and Regulatory State Commercial State Corporations
Grade Corporations
Min. Max. Min. Max.
E5 650,376 812,970 722,640 903,300
E4 595,094 714,113 661,216 793,459
E3 540,345 648,414 600,384 720,461
E2 486,797 598,761 540,886 665,289
E1 434,174 534,034 482,416 593,372
D5 347,340 434,174 385,933 482,416
D4 305,659 403,470 339,621 448,300
D3 264,395 351,645 293,772 390,717
D2 224,736 301,146 249,706 334,606
D1 187,654 253,333 208,505 281,481

Implementation of the Salary Structure

The implementation of the salary structure will be based, amongst others, on:

  • The alignment of the model salary to the grading structure communicated earlier by the Commission;
  • Individual institutions assessment of the financial implication of implementing the model salary structure, and demonstration of the ability to pay within the structure by making a proposal to the Commission for advice.

The Commission engaged Service and Regulatory State Corporations, and Commercial State Corporations in February 2017, to interrogate their grading structures so as to ensure the classification is fair, the grades are well defined and there is logically designed framework within which the principles of equity and parity are articulated. On Nov. 11, 2016, SRC released the job evaluation results for commissions and independent bodies; counties; and commercial, service and regulatory state corporations, following evaluation of over 40,000 jobs. This was followed by release of a salary structure for the civil service in December 2016 whose implementation begins in July 2017.

The new salary scales are as follows:

GOVERNOR 924,000
 MCA  144,000