Top 10 Worst Paying University Degree Programmes in the World Today



Worst paying degree programmes offered by various universities in the world comprise those with low employment rate and poor salaries. If you happen to pursue any of these university programmes, chances of becoming poor are high.

We have a list of worst degree courses in the world today, compiled to guide students intending to join college.

  1. Bachelor of Front Office
  2. Bachelor of Education
  3. Bachelor of Anthropology
  4. Bachelor of Library Science
  5. Bachelor of Arts
  6. Bachelor of Science (General)
  7. Bachelor of Fisheries
  8. Bachelor of Theology
  9. Bachelor of Fine Arts
  10. Bachelor of Agriculture

Above are the worst paying degree programmes in the world. They are classified as so because of the low pay they attract and the little impact the graduates have in the economy.

Teaching is one of the most popular degree programmes in the world but has its graduates paid the worst in relation to other degree programmes.

Also in the list of worst degree programmes is Front office, which attracts the lazy and less creative students. This course pays as little as $15 per hour in USA.

Bachelor of Theology is also another degree program ranked among the worst. This program is one of the most irrelevant programmes in the modern world. If you look around, most pastors never went to theology class, while those engaged in writing Christianity books are drawn from teaching profession.

Bachelor of Library Science is another course that is likely to be phased out in the near future. Nowadays most colleges and schools have online libraries, they therefore need less services from Library Scientists.