Why Raila is the Only Politician in Kenya Without a mpango wa Kando



NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga is the only politician in Kenya without a Mpango wa Kando.There are several reasons why this seasoned politician has decided to love one and the only Ida Odinga.

Political survival

Many women are the cause of thousands of politicians’ political downfall,Raila understands this well. In his entire life Raila set a goal, which he is about to achieve, and decided, “better the devil I know than the angel I don’t know”, he settled on Ida.The ODM leader has never been spotted with a woman perceived to be his girlfriend.

Risk averse

Raila is very cautious when it comes to risks involving women.He knows the danger he will put himself once he takes a woman as a second wife. In most cases, women are used to eliminate political opponents, which is why Raila fears girls.

I know you will ask why Ida is still around, I will ask you to read the history of Raila and Ida-these guys have come from far.

He is stingy

Raila is one stingy politicians.Imagine even during campaigns,you won’t see him giving supporters money.Women know he is mkono ghamu.