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Best Banks to Open a Student Account in Kenya-No Operating Costs


We have a list of banks in Kenya where you can open a student account and incur no operating costs. If you are a student, here is a list of banks to choose from.

I actually had one student account at KCB bank, which I used to receive my HELB.This account never attracted any costs except ATM costs. The account is still active. So KCB is one of the best banks to open a student account. Below is a full list.


Achievers Student Account

This is a convenient and friendly transactional account suitable for college students.


  1. No ledger fees
  2. Free HELB processing
  3. No opening balance
  4. No account maintaining balance
  5. Discounted Visa debit/ MasterCard card


  1. Affordable. No account maintenance balance or monthly charges
  2. Free incoming funds transfer
  3. Convenient. One can access the account through our branches countrywide, agents, ATM network and mobile banking (Eazzy 247)
  4. Free financial education booklet
  5. No limitation on the withdrawal amount
  6. Account transferred into Equity Ordinary Account when the holder turns 25 years


  1. Original student ID/Letter of admission
  2. National ID card and photocopy
  3. Passport for non-Kenyan students



Benefits and how to get it

What you get

  • No maintenance fees
  • Your own debit card

You need to

  •  Be a student with a valid student ID or have a college admission letter

Bring the following

  • Valid Student ID or a letter of admission
  • Be a student with a valid student ID


This is an account for young ladies who are studying in institutions of higher learning, such as colleges, universities, polytechnics aged between 18 – 26 years.It helps them build financial freedom, independence and management.

– Open for ladies aged between 18 – 26 years

– Financial freedom and Independence.
– Easy access to money through Mobile Banking and ATM.
– First priority for internships – especially those enrolled in banking/finance courses.
– Access to networking forums
– Access to mentorship programs

– Original and copy of National ID card
– Student ID card/Letter of admission or introduction letter from the institution
– Passport size photo
– Completed Account Opening Form


Student Account

Ideal for university and college students, this account lets you access your money across KCB ATMs as well as mobile and internet banking.


  • No monthly charges
  • No restrictions on the number of deposits and withdrawals
  • Access to KCB Internet banking and Mobile banking
  • Get HELB loan deposited into this account
  • One free banker’s cheque every school term to pay fees
  • Your Visa debit card gives you access to over 350 KCB ATMs

Qualifying Criteria

  • One quality passport-size photo
  • Original ID
  • Original Student ID or Letter of introduction for learning institution

Rates & Fees

  • Minimum operating balance Kshs. 100
  • Access to Visa debit card at Kshs.400

We have selected the banks above because they have branches in almost every town in Kenya and charge no monthly fees. The best three banks to consider include KCB,Equity and Barclays.