How to Become Rich in Kenya Without Working Hard


Can you become rich in Kenya without working hard?

They say you work smart and not hard, that’s the only way you can get rich without working hard. In Kenya, there are several tricks people use to become rich, if you don’t use the route, chances are that you will become an average Kenyan, or poor after all.

Here are tricks Kenyans use:

Become a politician

Every person in Kenya wants to be a politician. They know that politicians ooze a lot of power, influence and fame. These people know how to make money-you can as even MCAs, or Governors.

If you manage to become an MCA or Governor, your life will change forever.

Start procurement and supplies company and do business with the government

If there is anyone who has a company that wins government tenders, that person is rich.

It is not a secret anymore that doing business with the government pays. But for you to win even a single tender, you must be influential or at least promise something in advance.

Construct apartments in Nairobi

If you see someone apartments in Nairobi,that man has made it in life.Money from apartments come easy and is sweet.

What you need is a plot, approach a bank for loan. The bank will finance the project to completion, collect rent until the loan is fully repaid, then you take back your apartment.

In Eastlands, monthly rent from a single apartment ranges from Ksh 300,000-Ksh1 million.

Become a traffic police officer

I know you understand how traffic police officers are rich, just from the ongoing vetting exercise.

Become a socialite

Socialites don’t sweat but make some cool money. Vera Sidika lives in Kileleshwa, drives a Range Rover and travels to countries you will only see in a map.Huddah Monroe drives a Range Rover, lives in a Ksh80,000 rental house.

Assuming you are earning Ksh30,000 per month, how many years will you save your money to Ksh10 million so that you can buy a Range Rover?!

Start a betting and gambling company

Sportpesa owners are not sweating but earn more than Ksh 100 million per month.Kenyans have a weakness,which betting companies have identified.

Do gold trading

If you find a way of buying gold from Congo,China or Dubai and sell it in Kenya,becoming rich won’t be a dream anymore.Gold is one of the best business with highest returns and can make you an instant millionaire.

Sell licensed guns

Another way of becoming rich quickly in Kenya is by engaging yourself in gun trade.If you manage to get a license to sell guns,even to foreigners,you will say buy to poverty.

Start business immediately after high school

The reason why most Kenyans are poor is because they spend too much time in school and end up earning peanuts.For you to become a millionaire,simply avoid working hard in school after high school and engage in business.