PACE University Undergraduate Scholarships in USA


PACE University Merit-based scholarships are available to international students who apply as first-year and transfer applicants and exhibit academic promise. In fall 2016, 72% of undergraduate international students received some form of merit-based scholarship money. SAT/ACT scores must be submitted with the application for scholarship consideration for first-year students. For transfer students, merit scholarships will be based on cumulative GPAs from current and/or previous colleges/universities. International students are not eligible for federal financial aid.

To learn more about Pace’s merit-based awards, please visit the Office of Financial Aid’s Scholarship page. To obtain an estimate of your potential merit scholarship, please use our merit-based calculator.

International Student Loan

The International Student Loan web site could be a helpful resource for international students seeking a student loan that will work for them.  Even if you have been awarded financial aid, you may find that international student loans can provide you with additional financial support to fund your Pace University education.

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