This is Why the President Secretly Called Millie Odhiambo.Aki This woman!!!!



Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo received a call from the president to discuss serious issues.The two had a length conversation, which Millie shared on social media.

According to Millie, this is how the conversation went:
“Yesterday I had a very peculiar call from none other than the President. After curt “good evening” greetings, he went straight to a questioning mode. 1) Why do you always criticize me? 2) Why are NASA supporters gloating over the fact that I did not show up for the Presidential debate?. 3) What are Mbita people saying of my visit?.and a few other politically-related questions. He also asked if I was willing to receive money for Mbita people as payment they were promised by Jubilee for wearing T-shirts during his visit there. First I expressed my surprise and shock at receiving that unexpected call since I have never received a call from a sitting President. I have only received a call from a sitting Prime Minister. ( but do I say). I told him that before I can answer why I always criticize him, I needed to know why he missed the Presidential debate. Did he fear Jakom? I also wanted him to let me know if he has organized for a smooth transition of power? At this point, my door bell rang and I went to the door expecting the “Mbita” money, only to discover it was the Pikipiki guy who delivers our daily loaf of bread and milk for breakfast and maize for githeri. I wonder how the conversation would have gone if the door-bell ringing did not wake me up from the dream. Jubilee can not even deliver promises in dreams?