South African man divorces wife After Seeing Her for the first Time without Make Up (photo)



A bitter South African man has divorced his 6 months wife after he saw her for the first time without make up.

Mr Mbeki made the decision Friday August 4, 2017 after he accidentally saw his wife without her usual make up.While revealing to the woman’s parents what transpired, Mbeki said:

“I will never allow myself to be cheated in broad daylight. I married Josephine, a beautiful girl and during our wedding she was glittering. All along I have known her as one of the most beautiful women in my village. But today I didn’t believe the countable pimples on her face, the unpleasant skin colour and a lazy smile from her face. I thought I had seen a monster.

I have made a decision to divorce her and demand that my in laws return the R10, 000 and 10 cows I paid as dowry. I am fed up”.

Josephine is now resting in her mother’s compound. She is, however, adamant that her face looked exactly the same as it looks now. She pleads with her husband to give her a second chance.