Best and Worst Seasons to Grow Tomatoes



Best and worst seasons to grow tomatoes

Tomatoes take approximately 100 days to mature. But as you prepare to plant, your timing plays a significant role in regards to the quality and quantity of tomatoes you will harvest. If you are good in targeting the right seasons, the yields will be enough to fetch you handsome income.

The worst season for harvesting tomatoes is when there are heavy rains or El Niño. During this period, you will salvage little as the rains will sweep off the tomatoes, causing memorable damages.Also,if the rains come with hailstorms, there are chances you will lose most of your tomatoes. But if you are using Green houses, the effect will be minimized.

The best thing to do as a farmer is to monitor seasons then come up with a calendar of harvesting and planting periods. From experience, April and August are the worst months for harvesting tomatoes since rains are heavy. The best months, according to experts are: December, January, February, March, June, July, and October. So from this you can calculate the best harvesting times… but let’s explain below.

If tomatoes take 100 days to mature, translating to three months, and April is the worst month to harvest, I am not wrong to say that May is the best month to plant your fruits. If you plant in May, the tomatoes will utilize the rains from the month of April. Another good month to plant tomatoes is September. If you plant in during this month, they will mature early December and I am sure during festive season you will earn crazy profits.

Experts advise new farmers to?

  • Plant at least a quarter and acre if tomatoes are for commercial purposes
  • To start sourcing for the market from 75th day
  • Always use certified pesticide
  • Not to copy what other farmers are doing but to use strict details concern seasons.