Where to Buy Cheap Laptops in Nairobi, 2017



If you are within Nairobi, where do you buy cheap laptops?

There are over 1000 shops in Nairobi that sell laptops but the question is,which one sells genuine and durable laptop. Following reviews from shoppers and customers of various shops, online and offline, here are the cheapest ones.

  1. Jumia

Jumia is the number one online store for cheap laptops. Over time, Kenyans have trusted this company due to its history of selling not only cheap laptops but also durable ones.

The beauty of buying from Jumia is, they deliver the product to your locations, meaning you don’t have to travel all the way to Jumia stores to buy the product.

Another advantage of buying from Jumia is that they give out a warrant for electronics bought from the company. This means that when you discover you bought a fault product, you will return it to the company for replacement or repair.

The main reason why many Kenyans opt to shop from Jumia is the fact that their products are cheap. Sometimes you would wonder why the products are cheap. The answer for this is that they buy from the industry without involving middlemen.

  1. Kilimall

Kilimall is also another company that rival Jumia in terms of quality and quantity of products sold by the two companies. If you are unable to find your preferred laptop at Jumia, you will definitely move to Kilimall.If you manage to compare products between the two companies, you will notice that the difference in prices is small.

Like Jumia, Kilimall delivers products to your doorstep.

  1. Bright Technologies Limited

Bright Technologies is a famous electronics shop in Nairobi. The company sells computers and laptops as cheap as Kilimall and Jumia but one advantage of this is that you must visit their shop in Nairobi CBD for you to buy a laptop.

  1. Safaricom shop

Safaricom may not be as cheap as Kilimall and Jumia but is one of the most reliable companies in Kenya. At Safaricom you are sure any product you buy is genuine. On top of this, all electronics products come a warranty.

  1. Computer Planet

Computer Planet is located at Vision Plaza, Mombasa road. It’s one of the main suppliers of laptops in Kenya. At Computer Planet, you will be able to buy a Ksh 30,000 laptop at Ksh 27, 000, implying most of their laptops are cheaper by at least Ksh 3,000 as compared to Safaricom laptops.

  1. Biashara Street

Another area you should visit is Biashara Street.Here there are several Asians selling cheap, genuine laptops.

If you manage to get a good laptop in this street, buy it but don’t forget to ask for a warrant.

  1. Moi Avenue

Moi Avenue is also littered with several laptop shops. Most of the shops in this street sell laptops at a throw away price. But what I can assure you is that some shops might sell you a used laptop without your knowledge.