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Why you should not buy a used laptop in Kenya


Used laptops are much cheaper compared to brand new ones but you are always advisable to avoid them. There are many reasons why many people, especially those living in Nairobi avoid second hand laptops even if they are as cheap as salt.

A case that happened last year in Nairobi involved a university student and a lecturer. It happened that a lecturer lost his laptop along Moi Avenue, Nairobi. The people who snatched the laptop from his hands went ahead and sold to his student unknowingly.

One morning, as the lecturer was going round checking the work of his students, he noticed one of the students was using his lost laptop.Shocked,the lecturer asked, “where did you get my laptop from”. Speechless, the student replied, “I bought from the street.

Unconvinced, the lecturer reported the case to the police and the student was arrested and charged with robbery with violence.

Another case that might happen is buying a laptop that was stolen from someone who was murdered. If you are found with the laptop, you will rot in jail.

Such cases are common in Nairobi and they mostly affect the innocent. So to prevent such instances, you should avoid buying used laptops even from the people you know. We recommend you buy cheap laptops from Kilimall,Jumia,Safaricom or a credible and trusted company.