Mwani, Kayole’s Most Wanted Criminal Buried like a Rat—50 People attended his Funeral (photo)



Mwani, Kayole’s most wanted criminal was buried this week at his home in Central Kenya.

The late, who was gunned down in Nairobi a week ago, attracted less than 100 mourners –even his Gaza friends did not show up for fear of being pin pointed.

In his village, Mwani had not built even a small house where he could rest his head. His mother looked extremely disturbed after being left in the dark for almost a decade, believing her son was working in Nairobi, only to receive a body of Mwani.

The late has been in the police radar for the better part of this year. His wife was gunned down earlier and Mwani was warned after the incident, but the hardcore criminal never listened.

Below we show pictures demonstrating that crime doesn’t pay.

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