Hessy wa Kayole Kills Odinga



Hessy Wa Kayole,the dreaded cop,has killed a criminal by the name Odinga.

The cop had earlier warned Odinga but his warning fell on deaf ears. On Friday, the criminal was accosted in Kayole and sprayed with bullets.

After gunning down Mr Odinga,the cop revealed:

“#Odinga (mbogi ya mwanii) down!!!!!!@#RedSquare

I told you guys #CrimeDoesNotPay .Sasa #Teddy yako yaja pia. #RIHBSTRDS!”

After confirming the incident on Facebook, thousands of Kayole residents thanked the cop for doing his job perfectly and urged him to continue the good work.The cop vowed to completely eliminate the criminals in Kayole…he has a list of those to be eliminated if they fail to surrender.

Before Odinga was gunned down,here is what Hessy told him:

Hessy has gunned down more than 10  most wanted criminals,who include Mwanii and his wife and several other characters.